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《奇妙仙子》主题曲《飞向你的心(Fly to Your Heart)》Fly to Your Heart ---Selena GomezWatch all the flowersDance with the windListen to snowflakesWhisper your nameFeel all the wonderLifting your dreamsYou can flyFly to who you ...

Watch All The Flowers 看着所有这些花儿 Dance with the Wind 与风儿翩翩起舞 Listen to snowflakes 倾听雪花的飘落 whisper your name 喃呢着你的名字 Feel all the wonder 触摸所有的惊叹 Lifting your dreams 举起你的梦想 You can fly 飞翔...

不是 是微电影《咖啡与牛奶》主题曲吧

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