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Directions: In this section, you will hear 10 short conversations. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. The conversation and the question will be read only once. After each question, there will be a pause.

非翻译器Good day everyone, I'm Ang.In anticipation for this speech, I have prepared for a long time, just in hope to prove that my English standard id not low.Next up let me talk about some of my opinions regarding things.At 2o years of age, you may

Purpose give timely treatment to patients, improve the effective outcome of the treatment,reduce the mortality and disability. Measure keep a strict watch over the patient to note the infinitesimal changes in his condition, perform the craniotomy if necessary and give intensive care to patient.

Arabs introduce ancient cultural achievements of India and China into the Western , such as China's papermaking, the compass, gunpowder and other major inventions ,which were brought to Europe; then the Arab and Islamic astronomy medical

再次我很向往 你饿触摸 画面时,你对我 我错过你那么多 反过来,你就轻想象力 你的目标追踪方式 在我的幻想你来到我的身体 我需要你回来留 我得到我的里面,我的头痛就不会停止 我却没有回头看作为 我翻身下来了歧途 一半路程了,你的笑

Who let us pay a full life 究竟是谁,让我们穷尽一生来追求 No matter where the end of tomorrow 纵然不知明天的尽头,身在何处 We do not know 我们无从得知 As long as the flying time until the end of 只要飞速的时光也走到了尽头 As if the sky will never be black 好似白昼永不会变成黑夜

参赛者的奖金 是由于参加比赛 新参赛淘汰和后补淘汰无害 或任何伤害来自任何所有法律责任,对于参赛的任何损失与失败和另一方,包括个人损失伤害 死亡 ,还有财产损失,全部和某种程度上之结果,直接 间接 从于可接受 财产 任何使用未使用的荣誉 赛中参与者 违背赛规则的 与在任何奖项的活动自己翻译的啊..

1. the oral test involves answering questions and describing a picture. 2. this signal means that the message you send have arrived/ been accepted. 3. he was caught in the situation where it is hard to tell right and wrong. 4. although my grandpa is

What I'm going to talk about today is my favorite movies. They are (电影名字用斜体,下同)King Kong, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Ring. The name of the leading actor in King Kong is Adrien Brody. He is tall and slim. I regard him a

From 06 years in August, to 07 years in March.The time crossed very quickly, in a moment already more than half a year.Gathers in this in half year, our 8 classes have had too many happy recollections and the unforgettable experience.Today takes

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