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Each year gave me a different feeling

Darling,I promise you: I will concentrate on deep love you, really touched you, diligently will take care of you, I will be waiting for you! Piglet, I love you!

我不可能做到让所有人都喜欢我,因为我并不是神 I am impossible to achieve let all people like me, because I am not the god

Anyone who's going to have the class tonight, please help fill in the budget gap for the absents, and then get all your money back by the reimbursement of this month.(Sorry for the inconvenience that the club won't provide invoices, please help

For your company is wanting goods urgently, we arranged our workers to produce on an additional shift this week, and thus, those goods could be ready on the 6th. Then shipment can be on the 9th. Currently, this is the quickest plan.Besides, please

In your heart, I will do better.I have been silent guardian beside you, silly.The desk with your name, you don't know.Books on your smile, you don't know.My pen is recalling your taste, you don't know.I know now to study hard, so I work hard to stop

Because of you, I know what love is. No matter how future,i'll be with you forever.

She is a cute and smart girl, although sometime be lazy, but she always could get the amazing score in every kinds of test and match. she also did proficient on piano, and swimming was awesome. everyone likes her, even though she had a little

想明白应该用figure out,而且是to you 不是for you. Until now I have figured it out,and I really want to say "I'm so sorry" to you. 谢谢!

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