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Baby, don't know why you don't want to stride across the narrow straitYou know, we in the Strait, arm to shake offA letter here we give you, hope you canCome to china!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Maybe, it's just a short narrow straitTreasure, when you first go to

英文翻译:If one day, you picked up the "Aladdin lamp", it can only complete a desire, that is, you can become a person.This person can be a great celebrity, can be obscure cleaners, can be ancient people, and so on.Please say who you want

Hello! At the other side of the phone, you do not need to talk! Just listen to me! I know that time is very precious to you! My English is not very well, I hope you can understand! Like any time when I miss you, i am reciting silently in my mind : Are you

是:Waste phenomenon; Waste water and electricity and cafeteria food; Harm; Their character; Cause financial burden of parents; Natural resources; Finished off; Eat less;望采纳

At my view I'm a lifeful and simple Orienst woman who had received well education, healthy, with nice character, enough smart and gentle, sincere and kind, and also sanguine of life, charming,confident,with humor,and can communicate with others

this photo was taken at river bank last year ,it scene was fine at that time , I was fourteen years old, long hair, big eyes , very lovely I like this photo very much

Silly wench, as long as I'm with you, have no what can't, let me life care you forever. You are my one and only, only the same really, you have to believe in love, I'll wait for you. Dock.

I am on my way to go out for shopping and help sent your book back to library . I will come back until 5pm.There is a message from sara's phone call at 10am this morning:She cancelled the appointment of tomorrow morning in the cafe' due to some

We intend to go to Guilin, Guangxi middle school winter vacation this year, a two-week study and travel. Activities are: language classes on the morning of the afternoon visiting Guilin, or some sports activities, free evening, Saturday and Sunday to QQ firend home childhood,i miss it so much good firend are my only one 不保证都对

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