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求帮忙翻译一篇文章,不长 中译英(不要翻译器) 谢谢

It is not to follow the suit with others who study abroad, but a sincere hope to see and experience the education in the States and to build independence and autonomy in the learning, rather be handicuffed by the Examination System. In addition, it

“我现在的身体状况还不错,除了偶尔会感冒.吃得健康可能是我保持健康的一个重要因素.I'm mostly in good physical conditions, except when I get sick occasionally. I think that I maintain a heathy body because of my good eating habits. 因为我

Qingyang is located in the eastern of Gansu, and in the in the Loess Plateau where is in the upper reaches of the Yellow river. It is the intersection of three provinces--Shanxi,Gansu,and Ningxia. In the Qin dynasty, Qingyang was called the country of

A girl and a boy were lovers. The boy was a dandy while the girl had a deep love for the boy. The girl loved both rainy days and being rained. Each time the girl run into the rain from under the umbrella, the boy attempted to be with her in the rain, but

Regarding the issues raised in the previous mail, after discussion with our company's financial department, we still hope that 5000 yuan will be paid in this

Dear Mr. XXX, XXX, Ms., how are you My name is XXX, from China, the near future, I will come to Canada to study, and live together with you Because I was the first time abroad, English is not very good, so there is much to learn That time also


1.Light is indispensable in our daily life.2.That light travels in straight lines .3.Plants need light.4.We need light to warm ourseves, generate electricity and light.

好的,你放心,我在大学里学得就是英语专业,你的问题就交给我吧译文如下: Last day is very dull, dull as if a glass of water, without the appearance of that thing, I think the day will always be happy with this flat. I know it can not be that they know,

The turtle is very ancient reptilesthere is very hard shell on itselfThey climb slowly and life is long They generally live in the sea but sometimes activities sometimes on the shore希望能采纳,谢谢了

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