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求首英文歌有句歌词大概是"有噶的 拉宾佛有"


It was so easy that night Should've been strong Yeah I lied Nobody gets me like you Couldn't keep hold of you then How could I know what you meant There was nothing to compare too I know everything changes All the cities and fa...

Think Again - Kate Havnevik Only you 惟有你 I wanna be in love with you 我想与你相恋 I don't wanna get over you 我不想忘掉你。 I want you here 我要你在我身边 Me and you 与你相比 Maybe I'm no good for you 可能我配不上你 Alter st...

Conquest Of Paradise - Vangelis In noreni per-i-pe, 理想让我们坚强 in noremi co-ra, 冲破黑暗的阻挡 tira mine per-i-to, 理想让我们坚强 ne do---mina. 决不放弃希望 In noreni per-i-pe, 偷过泪水能看见 in noremi co-ra, 闪烁的星光 tir...

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