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As indicated in the purchase order, the master carton and the inner box have different labels. We have not affixed this label on the box in the last shipment, as it was an extraordinary circumstance. As such, we need to confirm once more, then we could follow this standard in the future.~~~~~~~~全人手翻译,欢迎采纳~~~~~~~~~

Is the TTK you mentioned referring to pallet? If it is, please kindly advise the pallet size and height limit of the cargo.If we use the original design, our delivery date should be.If the designed needs to be changed, we need to make new samples for you to confirm, which would need at least another 20 days.

1, we find most of the stock sample, for details please see attachment.2, this product has no inventory sample, to re create the need for at least 15 days.3, the original design is not the market with the bowl, and if this is necessary, it is necessary to re

1.This product has been sold to WM many times and the factory owns the original mould and technique. Therefore, the color and the shape of it don't change.2. When it comes to the size, the tolerance is in the latitude of acceptance.3. We can make

Actually, the cost of our packaging is already minimal.It will be difficult for us to deliver in the end of April.The price of each of these two products below is around 3.3-3.5 RMB.


Please note the following:1 Since this product has been discountinued, we'll take 2 sets from the 大货 and sent said 2 sets to this meeting, therefore, Order #582 w

1.这个夹子的最后的印象缸转移到现在一张印刷片梭系统连接到交货链和运输的床单,单位. 2.你申请之前的抵抗,确保板是清洁,没有指纹.一定要运用抵抗双方的板,背面时将不会被蚀刻在酸是场所洗澡. 3.这两个柯式印刷单元组成的毯子缸及版筒除了印象圆柱体、板安装在版筒被受到压抑的单位,并签署.这个滚筒式

Thank you very much for your letter! We are very sorry to inform you that due to certain reasons, our customer needs to shelve the promotion of these products for the moment. However, I will keep contact with you and try to find more appropriate cooperation opportunities.

By making a sample of packing, we found the reason for a high price was that too much space was wasted by this packing method .The factory has an adequate production capacity to reach a monthly output of 400,000 sets of red cups and it made a commitment to sell us 80,000 sets a month.

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