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My school is very beautiful. I like my school very much. There is a big playground in my school and we often play sports on it . My classroom is big and clean.There are many books in the library.I often read books here.There are some music rooms

my dream i have a dream, is to be a teacher, i hold the view that a teacher is a very glorious thing, i like to teach people to learn to write, i can educate my students to do a useful, and i was their good friend, i can feel so accomplished, i shall also very

My school is not big, but it's very beautiful. There is a broad road in the center of the school. In the two sides of the road, there are many green trees and beautiful flowers. In the left side of the road, there are two teaching buildings and a meeting Hall.

my school I'm a student of NO.1middle school.Our school is very big and beautiful,there are many trees and flowers here. Teachers and students in our school are very friendly and harmony.There are also many excellent students in our school.

My School I am in NO.2 Middle School. I love my school . There are more than 1,500 students in our school. We have math, English, Chinese, music, art ,P.E and so on. Our teachers are friendly to us . Although they are strict with us on all subjects, we

My Class I'm a love gerl.I'm in 闽江学院附中.I'm in Class seven Grade one.I have a big class.There are 60 people in my class.I have many teacher .Ther are Chinese teacher,math teacher,English teacher..My classes are friendly for me.I love my class. 应该还好吧

My school is very beautiful. It is in Guicheng, near the Qiandeng Lake. Do you know it? It is Nanhai Experimental Primary School. I like my school very much. There is a big playground in my school. We have P.E. class on the playground and we often

Our School我们的学校This is our school.At the school gate, you can see the main road in front of you.Coming into the gate, you can see the tall teaching building in the middle of the school.On the two sides of the main road are two fiowerbeds.The

I'm studying in the (NO.1)school.It's very (big) and (clean).There are (42)classrooms ang (12)offices.There are two playgrounds in my school .We can have PEclass in the small playground and play basketball or football in the big playground.There

I am a student.I'm 12 years old.I'm in Class 2 Grade 6.This is my school.It is YueBei School.It is 1000 big.There are more than 50 years old.There are more than 2000 students and 50 teachers.My school is very beautiful. I love my school.

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