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1. That's success in 1969 American astronaut lunar landing.2. Oxygen is the only help the fire burning gas?3. He is a know a lot of knowledge, we can learn a lot from him.4. Mr. Smith is those working in China, one of the foreign experts.5. I can tell

Appropriate guarantee mechanism is a bridge in financing transactions, which is an effective way for the rapid development of small and medium sized enterprises. It has been one of the hot topics in our economy research how to improve the

1.她买名牌,而我总买打折货 she likes branded item while i am always looking for discounted one2.她身材高挑,而我又矮又胖 She is tall while i am both short and fat3.她有一头柔顺长发,而我的头发又短又乱 her hair is soft and smooth while

there are white sails flowing in the river, red water-chestnuts sitting right under the water,green reeds standing beside the river-bank and all kinds of fish and shrimps playing at the bottom of the river.

1. I just stars in the small one, but I can only when the lamp light you fireflies.2. Hey, you this ugly girl! You like to be a white swan?3 I become everyday urgently wanted to meet you4 the doctor gave me a wound5 you around her waist and looked

stepping directly into society from school,what you meet will no longer those familar faces,but persons from all areas instead. to get acquaintance of them should do it from the beginning,knowing how to get into their inward world, how to

这句话很长,要理解句子的结构然后分开看才容易懂The internal controls 国内的操作系统that have been put into place已经落实采用 for a manual system 人工系统to help the internal auditor 来帮助那些国内(什么样的)审计员cannot fully prevent

Parys (是不是Paris?) was thinking of a way to deal with the three-headed dog of Hades, Cerberus. He walked out to the balcony where he sees a chest. When he opened the chest, he found a couple of sweets. He heard a woman's voice in his


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