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Peacock stand for goodness and peace in Chinese culture.在中国文化里,孔雀代表好运和和平

stand for有代表、容忍例如:different finger positions stand for different letters of the alphabet.手指的不同位置代表字母表上不同的字母 例如:I won't stand for his insults any longer.我再不能容忍他的污辱了.get off 1. 动身什么什么 They got off

stand for可以用作“表示”的意思,只有一种用法,XX 是XXX的缩写,例句如下 PK stands for Player Killing. 但是还可以做“支持”来讲,比如 He stands for abortion rights.他支持堕胎的权利. I stand for justice. 我(支持)代表正义. 还有不会的问我哦~

Different finger positions stand for different letters of the alphabet. 手指的不同位置代表字母表上不同的字母


pay phone stand 投币式电话亭 前面+where is the 就是哪有公用电话亭? 呵呵~~!

stand for 代表; 为…而奋斗; 拥护; <口>容忍 We stand for religious freedom. 我们支持宗教信仰自由.

stand up1. 起立,站起;(使)竖起:例句: They all stood up and welcomed his coming.他们全都站起来欢迎他的到来.He always had his collar standing up when he was in the football field.他上场踢球时,总把球衣的领子竖起来.2. 向上升起:

1、The party is trying to give the impression that it alone stands fordemocracy. 该党正试图让大家觉得只有它才是民主的代表.2、Only 17% said the economy would improve, but 25% believed it would stay the same. 仅17%的人说经济状况会改善,却有25%的人认为经济会维持老样子.3、Additional rule templates can be created by developers if needed. 如果有必要,开发者可以创建额外的规则模板.

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