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摘要:任务型语言教学是个重要的理论,这个理论被80年代研究外语教学和外语学习的专家所推崇.他们相信语言教学是个有机系统,不能分开来教.因此,当我们上口语课的时候使用这个理论会提高学习效率.而且用这种方法,学生们也会更积极主动,愿意参加教与学的互动活动.关键词:任务型语言教学 口语课 形成评估 教学目标

为了你 For you (because of you), 我从北京回来了 I came back from Beijing, 否定了所有关心我的人 rejecting all the concerns and suggestions from people who care about me. 因为你不想去那,而且那城市也没有你 It was all because you don't

I was such a girl. She looks fairly. mediocre results. Although not cheerful but there are a lot of friends who can talk. passion for food. But I have never eaten anything truly satisfied with the food. Love travel but because Their lackadaisical not travelled

My pet is called Dudu. It is a chow chow with brown hair all around, which makes it very lovely. It grow up in my family since it is a baby. And now it is more than one year old. Dudu likes big bones, especially the ones with some meat left. It is very cute

After a night of it, I know I can not calm in the face of you. When you say you tired, I am thinking of leaving. When you do not want to hurt her, I would also like to leave. When you say If you have trouble, and so on who you are, and who you marry, the

Shanxi is that home of folk song , Shanxi have issued more than 1,300 folk song in the roll with the precis writer. Zuo Quan folk song blooms the tune occupies very outstanding location in Shanxi folk song. Bloom often, the words of song

上面该是机器翻译的,说不通 正式的说法: The exhibition will be closed for three weeks, thus the visit would be suspended during this time. Arrangements will be announced after reopening. 简单的译法: The exhibition will be closed for three weeks, and no visits in this time. Arrangements will be told after that.

Star in my heart this implies that the "only" when it just will quickly across the sky, leaving no trace, but I will always remember its fleeting moment, that moment light, heat. Look at it, my heart severely twitch, however, you're in my heart sinking,

others in good faith, can bear hardships and stand hard, rigorous work a serious and responsible, ability to innovate prominent, and have strong organization and management ability, team spirit and good interpersonal relationships, collaboration

Passing through, do not miss

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