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It is For sB to Do sth造句

(1)It is wise for them to turn down the suggestion. (2)It is impossible for me to finish the job.(3)It is possible for you to get there in only 15 minutes.(4)It's hard for him to give up smoking.(5)It is important for...

It's important for us to learn English well. 对我们来说学好英语很重要。

It's too difficult for me to do the maths homework.

it's time for sb to do sth 这是某人做某事的时候了 该是我做家庭作业的时候了。 It is time for my to homework.

it is helpful. for you to finsh the work.

①It's polite for you to ask for help indirectly. ②It's polite for him to say hallo to his friends. ③When you cough, it's polite to cover your mouth. ④It's polite to greet your friends. ⑤It's polite to knock once before entering.

The food made it possible for him to survive 那些食物使得他得以活下来 如不明白请追问,如果满意请采纳 手机提问者如果满意,请在客户端右上角评价点“满意”即可, 谢谢! 祝学习进步

It's important for us to protect our environment. It's important for him to learn English well.

It is time for you to do your homework. It is time for him go and work. It is time for me cook dinner. It is time for birds to fly freely in the sky. It is time for this job to be done. 望采纳

此句中it为形式主语,真正的主语是动词不定式to do sth,for sb是动词不定式的逻辑主语,说明某人做某事或对于某人而言。例如:Itis not a good habit to stay up too late. 熬夜不是一个好习惯。

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