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ArrivE At A plACE造句

都表示抵达某地,但是有所区别arrive in a place 表示大点的地方[如上海,中国等]arrive at a place 表示到达小点的地方[如某个学校,小区]

arrive at 英[raiv t] 美[rav t] [词典] 到达; 来到; 达成; 获得; [例句]As soon as you arrive at your destination, step out of the aircraft and reset your wristwatch.你一到达目的地,就走出飞机并重新设置手表时间.arrive in 英[raiv

到达北京,用in大地方用IN, 小地方用AT

arrive at+较小的地点名词,如school,park,zoo. arrive in+较大的地点名词,如Beijing ,ShangHai He will arrive at school soon. She has arrived in NanJing.

I arrive at my hotel.我抵达旅馆.I just arrive at the airport.我刚刚到机场.He arrive in england last saturday.他上星期六到达英国.Arrive in summer exactly after spring.春季以后就是夏季来临.

到达一个地方 arrive at / in a place

arrive in 一般后面接大地方,arrive at 后面一般接小地方.例:Li Ming has arrived in Guangzhou tomorrow, but not arrived at school yet.

I arrive in China

I arrive at the most inopportune hours.我在最不合适的时候抵达了I arrive at the port on time我准时抵达港口

They have arrived at a decision. 他们做出了决定.

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