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be myself :做我自己(不管别人说什么,我就是我的意思) Do myself: you may want to say that let do myself best --- 把自己做到最好。

Be yourself. 做你自己。(有那种自己激励自己的意思) Be myself. 做我自己。Let me be myself. 没有 do myself.也没有 do yourself 可以说 Do it myself. do with myself. What to do with myself?

路要自己走, 做自己 be: vi. 1.有…存在,生存。 Can such thin ... myself: pron. (pl. ourselves) (我)自己; ... 例句: 1. I am myself fallen unawares into the snares of death . 我自己不知不觉跌进了死神的陷阱。 2. I am myself one o...

Break My Heart - Victoria Duffield Broken glass Broken heart There's a picture of you laying on the floor Empty space on the wall While I am staring at Wishing that you'd call 'Cause every time you call me up I'm reminded of th...

这是祈使句。 queen 本义是女王或王后,直译意思是 “请你做自己的女王”,其实就是建议或劝告 “请你自己驾驭自己吧” 或者 “请你好自为之吧”。

1. 做自己 2. 路要自己走

This is a big world. Being a person in the world is my glorious. We have to meet lots of options in the world, so we may lost ourselves.Sometimes we need some distructons release the bad mood.No matter how,by myself is a very i...



be myself alaways 做我自己,永远

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