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Do you like to do chores? Do you often do chores? I like doing chores very much.Because i think they are very interesting.So i often do chores. I often do the dishes after supper every day.I often do some washing on weekends.I clean my bedroom

一般加the,是特指,do the chores表示做这些家务不加,泛指,do chores做家务

应该是 do the chores

do chores1.做家务2.处理琐事;干家务3.做家务;处理琐事4.表示做家务,杂务活a do chores1.做家务hate to do chores1.我讨厌做家务i hate to do chores1.我讨厌做家务2.我不喜欢做家务i hate doing (to do) chores1.我讨厌做家务

do chores [释义] 处理家务; 全部释义>> [例句]Seriously, I don't think it's school policy to have students do chores.严肃地说,我不认为学校规章有让学生做家务杂事的.do exercise 英[du: eks] 美[du kssaz] [释义] 做体操; 全部释义>> [例句]They have gone to do exercise in the hill.他们到山上锻练去啦.

do chores是什么意思,这个词没有反义词.中文释义: 处理琐事,干家务英语句子Planning is a chore that everyone should do before traveling.旅行前的计划是每个人都必须做的例行工作.Doesn't mind doing the chores.不介意做家务I must do the household chores.我必须干家务杂活.

do chores do chores [释义] 处理家务; [网络] 做家务; 干家务; 处理琐事,干家务;

do chores i hate to do some chores.i don't like to sweep the floor, it's boring.i hate to take out the trash, because the dustbin smells terrible.but i like some other chores. i like to wash the car, because i can be outside.i don't hate to do the dishes,

do the chores是做杂物,做家务 do some chores=do chores =do domestic chores

I hate to do friends hete do chores too.I like doing breakfast,because it's interesting,and Ilike to cook. I don't like doing the dishes,because it's boring.And i don't like cleaning the bike,because I don't like be out.

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