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祥輝膳膳返,逸低鍬咎匯和,嗤短嗤弖紗蛍方唖,最最 咬混 Exile Lyrics 送慧 Enya Cold as the northern winds 祥餘桟舍姿混絶 in December mornings,壓12埖議壼蛙 Cold is the cry that rings 椎乂貫垓圭勧栖議嶝蕗泌緩混絶 from this far

Odd Future - HiOnce upon a time, there was this group of dusty ass motherf*ckersCreate a little group for themselves, they call themselves Odd FutureNappy ass hairMatt big ass, big ass n*gga with some small ass earrings, baldMike G, crusty asslet'

ゞ尠蝕褒凛〃(Eyes Open)頁密責帽璃健蒙葎窮唹ゞ滋偶嗄老〃幹恬写ゞ芦隼涙蹙〃岻朔議嗽匯屶汽爆 Everybody's waiting, everybody's watching Even when you're sleeping, keep your ey-eyes open The tricky thing is yesterday we were just

匯廨,Taylor Swift 屈廨,Fearless 眉廨,Speak Now 膨廨,Red 励廨,1989 鎗廨,Reputation

哂猟 Midnight, you come and pick me up No head lights Long drive, could end in burning flames or paradise Fading off you, oh, it's been a while since I have even heard from you I should just tell you to leave 'cause I Know exactly where it leads but I

梧爆:Haunted梧返:Taylor Swift低傍議頁宸遍梧議険梧何蛍議梧簡^Come on, come on, don't leave me like this ̄,厘倖繁匆載浪散,湛湛載伴議匯遍梧.

鍬咎撹^匆俯厘断脅壓個延議狛殻嶄痴払徭厘 ̄挫匯泣,translation云附匆嗤廬延議吭房

梧爆寄吭:I wanna be your end game厘覲瀕低議嶮自朕炎I wanna be your first string厘覲瀕低議及匯倖肺碗I wanna be your A-Team厘覲瀕低議匯送妖錦Woah woah woah陽陽陽陽陽I wanna be your end game end game厘覲瀕低議嶮自

屎鳩議梧簡頁^Oh~a, oh~a,oh,trouble, trouble, trouble ̄,竃徭梧爆ゞi knew you were trouble〃児云彿創:翌猟兆各:i knew you were trouble侭奉廨辞:Red 窟佩扮寂:2012定10埖9晩梧爆圻蟹:密責帽璃健蒙恬簡:密責帽璃健蒙、瀧針帽

Lover Lover Lover Lover 握繁握繁握繁 I miss you 厘訥酊 Lover Lover Lover Lover 握繁握繁握繁 Lover 秤繁 儔り栖る湿准が書 娵廬態指議湿准嶬 弼原いて半まってゆく 蛸蛸半貧阻娶仟弼科 Happy Happy 侑牽酔赤 兵まりだしたlove story 握

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