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For instAnCE的用法

for instance 意思是:例如,譬如,比如,比方说;instance和example同义,都是“例子”的意思.因此 for instance 就等于for example,都是“举例而言”的意思.for instance可以前置或者后置 后置的例子为:Take general elections for instance.前置的例子为:We made many improvements to our house; for instance, we painted the walls and bought new carpet.

There are several kinds of apples, Fushi for instance

for example后面通常加具体东西;for instance后面通常加事情.for example:apple and orange can make you healthier.for instance:she likes eating fish very much.

for example后面通常加具体东西;for instance后面通常加事情.For example:apple and orange can make you healthier.For instance:she likes eating fish very much.

for instance=for example,但比for example高级.句首、句中、句末均可使用.建议作文中使用以代替for example,such as.Yet sometimes there is no room for any delay in avoiding an accident, for instance when a vehicle jumps a stop sign at a

for instance =for example 后面接句子, 做例子for instance, she is a writer but he is a teacher.such as 接名词, 表列举there are many fruit, such as bananas, apples, etc

for example 用法与for instance 一样的 举同类中的一种情况后除可接短语或名词外还可以接句子 是举例子, 而 such as 则列举多个后接名词或名词词组 可以与and so on连用 e.g. 1.What would you do if you met a wild animal - a lion, for example/

for example=for instance 用作副词 such as用作连词详细说来:三者有小的区别: 首先说for example和 for instance: 相同点:他们后面可以接句子也可以放名词.但是通常放句子比较常见.后面放名词的通常也只放一个.这两个短语都可以放

for instance 是指被引用来证明某些论点,或表明观点的范例; for example是指很典型地表示某些事物的一部分,并由此可以表现出整个事物的特点.

for example后面通常加具体东西;for instance后面通常加事情.

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