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这句话正确啊! 句子意思是: 接待处每天二十四小时上班。 短语:24 hours a day 每天二十四小时,强调【二十四小时不间断,而且每天如此】。 祝你开心如意!

We here for 24 hours, please come to room to change the way we feel shoes, the technician doing? Welcome to you next time!



三、24小时恒温游泳馆 建议翻译: 24-hour Thermostatic Natatorium 四、跑跑卡丁车游乐场 (Kart playground 和Kartrider Theme Par 都可以) 建议翻译: Kart ...

I think about you only once a day, but it lasts 24 hours.

Subways are underground trains, which usually operate 24 hours a day. They are found in large cities and usually run between the suburbs and the down...

初音未来 - 甩葱歌

No parking in use 24 hours a day 此处24小时使用,禁止停车。No parking or materials in front of doors 门前不准停车或堆放杂物。Parking for taxis only ...


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