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[图文] A.hopeless B.convenient C.successful 小题12: A.take B.refuse D.write 小题13: A.get out B.get off C.get on D.get in 小题14: A.remembD.though 小题19: A.advice C.attention D.



自我介绍英语翻译年龄,爱好,生活方式,梦想Self-introduction.I am Cathy, I am 25 years old now.I have many hobbies, such as playing the guitar, singing, dancing, swimming and watching movies.I like freestyle life, although I will have definite

From:YangyangTO:SunpengDear Sun Peng: Hi! Do you have any good plans on Sunday afternoon? If you don't,I want to invite you to watch films with me . Let's go to the Ner Times Cinema ,because it is close to us. Let's meet at the bus stop at 13:

Introduce Myself My name is Lucy. I 'm from Shanghai.I'm a 12-year girl.I like eating vegetables very much.They are good for my health.My favorite sport is tennis.I often do sports with my father.I am fond of green because it stands for living.In my free

Thank you, my dear mother. My mother is the most important person for me in my life. She gave birth of me, feed me, take care of me and give me plenty of love. She is always with me when I need her. She has did so much things for me but I can do

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