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hE is in的同义句

he is taller than his classmate .

he does well in math.

He is a member of the football Club

原句 意思 他擅长足球。 同义句 He does well in football .

He is not in. =He isn't at home. 他不在家。

No one is higher than he in his class.


" He is the tallest student in his class." 他是班里最高的学生。 同义句如下:" He is taller than any other students in his class." " No one in his class is taller than him." " Comparing with other students in his class, he is th...

1、He is the funniest boy in his class(同义句) He is___funnier___ ____than___ ____any___ __other____ boy in his class。 3、The boy tried to make his mother happy。 The boy tried____in__ ___order____ ___to____make his mother h...

完整答案如下,保证准确率! 1. They are Gu Qun and Xiao Min. 2. Where is he? 3. No, they aren't. 4. It is an apple. 5. That is an old bus. 如果对你有所帮助,敬请点击页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮,谢谢!

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