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is shE A jApAnEsE girl? no,shE's A (ChinA)girl

She is English by birth but French by marriage. 她是英国血统,但嫁给法国人而入了法国籍。 参照上一句可翻译成 她是日本血统,但嫁给中国人而入了中国籍

Is he Japanese or German? He is Japanese. He isn't German. 好简单的呀...不再重复了...

小题1:A小题2:C小题3:B小题4:A小题5:B 小题1:细节理解题,根据文中语句“Do you know the girl in a hat with flowers on it? Her name is Yinzi.”理解可知。小题2:细节理解题,根据文中语句“She is a nice Japanese girl,”理解可知。小题3:细节...

你好,很高兴能够在这里回答你的问题,这道题的正确答案应该为: woman 后面用she,说明是女性,且是单数, ************************************************************************** ^__^真心祝你学习进步,如果你对这个答案有什么疑问,请追...

有两种: Where is she from? Where does she come from?

Japanese第一个字母要大写 She一句话开头也要大写

As her department head, I've found that, in the process of learning Japanese together with her,she is a diligent girl with a calm character...

She is Japanese. She is a Japanese girl.

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