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it's+ADj+to Do sth 造句.

It's difficult to learn English well

It's fun to play football with friends. It's funny to read comic books. It's boring to do homework all day. It's good to wake up early. It's bad to stay up late. It's important to read the news every day. It's cold to make snow...

干什么对某人来说怎么样的。 It's good for you to get up early. 每天早起对你来说是有好处的。

1.It's important for us to learn English well。 It's useful for me to master the skill 对于我来说,掌握这门技术很有用。It's dangeroud for children to play with fire 玩火是很危险的。

it is interesting to play pingpong

it is adj of sb to do 句型中 of后的宾语能与前面的形容词构成主表关系. 这类形容词有: good(好的),kind(友善的), nice(友好的),polite(有礼貌的),clever(聪明的),foolish(愚蠢的), lazy(懒惰的), right(正直的)careful(细心的),careless(粗心...

It's too difficult for me to do the maths homework.

不能 都是固定搭配 不能人为变的

It is kind of you to do so. It is clever of him to tell me the secret. It is stupid of her to buy such a car.

不可以的。 It's adj. for sb to do sth for sb to do sth是真正的主语,sb是to do sth的逻辑主语的。 如: It is impossible for him to get up early. It's important (for me) to carry on practicing speaking for learning English. 本句中...

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