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it's+ADj+to Do sth 造句.

It's difficult to learn English well

It's fun to play football with friends. It's funny to read comic books. It's boring to do homework all day. It's good to wake up early. It's bad to stay up late. It's important to read the news every day. It's cold to make snow...

it is adj of sb to do 句型中 of后的宾语能与前面的形容词构成主表关系. 这类形容词有: good(好的),kind(友善的), nice(友好的),polite(有礼貌的),clever(聪明的),foolish(愚蠢的), lazy(懒惰的), right(正直的)careful(细心的),careless(粗心...

1.It's important for us to learn English well。 It's useful for me to master the skill 对于我来说,掌握这门技术很有用。It's dangeroud for children to play with fire 玩火是很危险的。

It's necessary for us to have healthy eating habits.拥有健康的饮食习惯对我们来说很必要 It's important for us to protect the environment.保护环境对我们来说很重要

1 It is important to drink enough water every day. it形式主语,没有意思的,to drink enough water every day真正主语,意思是:每天喝足够的水很重要。你看,主语那么长,而谓语就is important 那么短,是不是头重脚轻啊,为了句子平衡,使...

it is kind of you to help me 这个句型主要说明主语的性质 状态等等 it is important for us to take a challenge,这个句型修饰后面的to不定式

It's important for us to protect our environment. It's important for him to learn English well.

让它(修饰it的形容词)去做这件事 注意adj是用来修饰it而不是sth,比如让它高兴地去做这件事

当形容词是指人的品质方面的,如bad坏,distingue高尚的,一般句型为:It's+形容词+of sb to do sth. It' very imprudent of him to make a decision without explanation. 他很轻率地做了这个决定没有解释。

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