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it's+ADj+to Do sth 造句.

It's difficult to learn English well

It's fun to play football with friends. It's funny to read comic books. It's boring to do homework all day. It's good to wake up early. It's bad to stay up late. It's important to read the news every day. It's cold to make snow...

It is+adj.+of sb. +to do sth中的adj.跟sb.有关, 这个adj.是用来形容sb.的, 表示某人这么做真是太adj.了. 你会发现在这个句型中你把sb.和adj.提出来可以造个句sb. is(are) adj. 如It's very kind of you to help me. 把里面的sb.和adj.提出来...

1、It's difficult to learn English well. 学好英语很难。 2、It's important to wash our hands before we have something. 吃东西之前洗手很重要。 3、It is important to drink enough water every day. 每天喝足够多的水很重要 4、It's fun...

1.It's important for us to learn English well。 It's useful for me to master the skill 对于我来说,掌握这门技术很有用。It's dangeroud for children to play with fire 玩火是很危险的。

it is interesting to play pingpong

Reviewing progress regularly makes it easier to pass exams.

It is time to go to school

It's too difficult for me to do the maths homework.

It's kind of you to say so.你这样说真是太好了。 It's important for us to learn English well.对我们来说学好英语很重要。 It‘s very kind of you to help me. It‘s difficult for you to deal with the problem. It’s clever of you to wor...

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