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kEEp sB sth AwAy From……怎么造句

Please keep the little boy away from the boiling water. 请不要让那男孩接近滚烫的水.

Drugs remove man from the treadmill of routine. 药物可以使人摆脱日常单调的工作带来的疲劳。 Third, the actions of the midfielder are beyond your control. It is up to his manager to remove him from the game. 最后,因为这名中场球...

上边是对的呀 keep sb (somepeople) from doing sth

一、keep (sb./sth.) in mind If the time would stop, I would keep you in my mind. 假如能让此刻停留,我会把你的爱收入我的心中。 Either one can be used to make a successful website layout, as long as you keepusability in mind. 其...

prohibit sb from doing sth 意思就是阻止某人做某事 下面的例句希望能帮助你理解 例句:Mom prohibits Tom from watching TV. 妈妈阻止Tom看电视 The heavy rain prohibited them from going shopping. 这场大雨让他们没法去购物。 希望能够帮到你

I will keep you happy.我会让你一直快乐Please the land wet.请保存土地湿润Keep yourself calm down!让自己冷静下来。

I can guarantee you a bright future if you work hard. 如果你努力工作,我可以保证你会有一个光明的未来。

keep doing sth造句 1、My teacher kept me doing my homework all the afternoon.我的老师要我整个下午都做作业。 2、We should keep exercising.我们应该保持锻炼。 3、He always keeps smiling .他总是保持微笑。 4、Just keep on doing it. ...

1. He lent a ruler to me. 2. I borrowed a ruler form him 为了方便,我两句话用的是同义句哈 满意请采纳,不满意可以追问哈

Let's give the children away to books  .

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