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kEEp to onEsElF是什么意思

keep oneself to oneself的意思是:不与人来往;不交际 keep oneself to oneself的相似短语: 1、keep oneself above water 免遭灾,不负债 2、keep to oneself 保守秘密;不交际,不与人来往 3、 oneself 不使人知...;不表现,说出.....

英语keep to oneself的用法为:固定用法,直接写进句子,意思是保守秘密,不与人交往。 keep to oneself 读音:英 [kiːp tu wʌnˈself] 美 [kiːp tu wʌnˈself] 释义:v.保守秘密,不交际,杜门不出。 例句:While ...

keep to oneself un.保持;紧贴;秘而不宣;独自承受 保守秘密;不与人来往;不与他人交往 例句 1.lay low To keep oneself or one's plans hidden. 使自己或自己的计划不为人所知 2.Do away with the immunity of decline or hurt cell, to kee...

keep oneself to oneself [英][ki:p wʌnˈself tu: wʌnˈself][美][kip wʌnˈsɛlf tu wʌnˈsɛlf] 不与人往来,不爱交际。 相似短语: keep oneself to oneself 不与人往来,不爱交际。 keep to one...

keep to oneself是什么意思? 藏在心底 不告诉别人 让它成为秘密


keep sth to oneself 不让他人分享 不把某事告诉别人; 但请为我们保密; 保守秘密 But why limit oneself to a single writer? 不过为什么要限制在只仿一个作家呢?

~Do not keep the secret of your heart to yourself . 不要把你心底的秘密藏起来。 ~Focus your efforts on details, and keep to yourself  in order to finish your work. 关注细节,遵循自己的方式完成工作。

to keep sth for oneself 把某物留给自己;

I can't keep your secret to myself. oneself 是用来讲语法的,在实际用的时候,就要变成对应的词

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