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concern about 对…的关心;忧虑 show是展现 展示 表示的意思 总体来讲究是表示对于(somebody/something)的关心

show concern for sb 对某人表示关心 [例句]Confidence alone isn 't cause for concern. 自信并不是人们关注1美元年薪CEO的唯一原因。

翻译为: show concern about 关心,关注 例句: this steep upward a parabola, people show concern about the urgency of the disaster areas. 这一条陡峭向上的抛物线,显示人们对灾区的急切关注。 Fortunately, We get to show concern abo...

In China, with one or two parents going out to earn money, many children are called leftover children. A large number of leftover children have emerged since 1978, and the statistics showed in 2009, the total is about 130 milli...


中文意思是:我们老师对我们的学习表现出极大的关注 也可以读作:Our teacher shows great concern for our study. concern [英][kənˈsɜ:n][美][kənˈsɜ:rn] vt. 涉及,关系到; 使关心,使担忧; 参与; n. 关心; 关...

With the coming of the new century, people are becoming more concerned with the environmental protection.


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