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( 1)My mom tell me not play computer games if I don't do my homework.(2 )Teacher tell me do homework by myself( 3)I'm hungry,I tell my sister buy some food for me.(4 )Tom's mother tell him clean the bedroom(5 )Mom tell her help me with my homework.

tell him to go to school quickly 告诉他快去学校

Our teather tell us to finish this work at home.老师让我们在家完成这些作业.

I told myself to be a good girl.I told my mother to care about her body.I told my friend to have luch.I told my father to buy some delicious food

I told Tom to pick up the soap 我让Tom捡肥皂 词组意思是 告诉某人某事(去做某事)

want to do sth.意思是想要做某事.所以弄清意思就很容易做了.比如I want to do my homework.我打算做作业. I want to give my mother a suprise.我想给妈妈一个惊喜. John want to go shopping after work. 约翰下班后想去购物. 试着做一下吧,明白了意思就很简单了

He asks me for his eraser.The detective asks me to tell him what I saw.They give their pocket money to that poor man.Could you please help me clean the house?The police keep this object secret.(最后一个我不知道对不对,原谅)

1. inform sb of the existence of (sth interesting or advantageous);tell sb about sth 向某人提供(有趣或有利之事物)的信息;将某事物告诉某人 2. tell sb sth/order sth over the phone 用电话把某事告诉某人[订购某物] 3. tell sB. aBout sth 告诉某人关于某事 4. tell sB. sth. in strictest confidence 极秘密地将某事告诉某人

He often tells jokesI tell him the story.He told the news to me .I tell her to wash the clothes.

tell sb. to do sth. - He is telling Tom to do the work. 他正在告诉汤姆做这件事.ask sb. to do sth. - Mike is very lazy, he always ask people to do his things for him. 迈克非常懒惰,他总是要别人为他做自己的事情.want sb. to

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