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回答感谢的常用答语:Not at all.别客气;不用谢;哪儿的话.You are welcome.不用谢. 不用谢.It's [It was] nothing.没什么;不客气.Think nothing of it.没什么.That's all right

相当于 thank you all the same虽然对方没有帮忙成功,但是,还是要谢谢你.我们通常还说,anyway i want to say thank you to you

thinks to 意思是:幸亏 due to 意思是:由于

When we were yong,our parents taught us to say "Thank you" to express thanks,that was the first class we learned about how to express thanks.However,language is not the only way to show out our thanks.For example,a smile or a hug is also a

没有thank to sb.的说法感谢某人的句型一般有:thank you.thank you very much.thank you for.thanks.thanks a are so nice/kind to help me with.I appreciate that you.It is kind of you to do.

thinks的意思是认为;以为;想;思考;思索;思想;琢磨1、读音:英 [θks] 美 [θks] 2、用法:sb. thinks it +adj. to do 意为某人想怎么样3、例句:Everybody thinks I'm making a mint .人人都认为我要发大财了.扩展资料:近义词

thinks v. 认为; 以为; 想( think的第三人称单数 ); 思索; 全部释义>> [例句]My dad thinks I should turn it off.我爸爸认为我该把机器关了.

think highly ofthink ill ofthink little/nothing ofthink much ofthink ofthink outthink over think twice about亲:高老师祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V!望采纳,thanks!

歌曲名:Thanks To You歌手:Richard Marx专辑:The Greatest HitsThanks To YouRichard MarxYou gave me lifeGave me your heartAnd your shoulder when I needed to cryYou give me hopeWhen all my heart is goneWings, so my dreams can

tink即可接to do 也可 接doing,接to do 和doing,意思就不同了,适情境而定用法

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