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(1)Thank you for helping me. It's my pleasure (2)Would you please open the widow? With pleasure. 可见It's my pleasure是回答别人的感谢的,可译为“那是我应该做的”,而whth pleasure是回答别人的请求的,可译为“好的,乐意效劳”. 第一句是谢...

伊特 我字 额 扑来热 米汀 又 it was a pleasure meeting you. ɪt wɒz ə ˈpleʒə(r) ˈmi:tɪŋ ju

Dear Mr. xxx Thank you for your letter. It was my great pleasure to meet you in Dongguan and I'm very glad the establishment of NN ...

你好! it was a pleasure to meet you 很高兴见到你 Me too 我也是

to be together with him 是动词不定式作真正主语

it形式主语 was系动词 a pleasure表语 to be together with him chatting 真正主语

It was a great-pleasure-to-meet 很高兴能见面

比较常用的表达有: Not at all. 别客气;不用谢;哪儿的话。 You are welcome. 不用谢。 Please don’t mention it. 不用客气;不用谢。 It’s ...

The people who I adore When I was in primary school, there was a teacher who taught me more than that in class.He was a very kind young man, more than ten years older than us and taught us English. We all liked to take his clas...

I felt especially pleased with my wonderful bargain. 三句合成一句是像这样吗?

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